About Us

Welcome to Ẹkẹ́ Foods, where we proudly share West Africa's rich and diverse food culture.

Our story at Ẹkẹ́ Foods is one of profound connection, born from the experiences of a single immigrant mother raising first-generation American daughters. As the  founder, Ada had a strong desire to pass on her food culture while promoting healthy living and time management. This and more, led to a culinary journey that ultimately gave birth to Ẹkẹ́ Foods.

As a black and female-owned small business, we carefully and lovingly develop every recipe and product. Our commitment extends beyond the kitchen, as we take immense pride in supporting our local community by sourcing ingredients locally and actively giving back. 

Our flagship product is the versatile Jollof Rice Sauce. By 2025, we aim to introduce at least two additional authentic West African flavors to the U.S. market.

Our overarching objective is to make West African cuisine more accessible, cost-effective, and easy to prepare.

The name Ẹkẹ́ means:  Ẹkẹ́ is an Igbo word and is one of the four market days; it is a sacred day. It also symbolizes the morning of creation. Hence, when we say  Ẹkẹ́ Foods, we mean ‘created with care and sold on a market day.'

We are Acidified Food and SERVSafe Certified. Our flagship product, the Jollof Rice Sauce is approved and inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Additionally, our catering business is approved and inspected by the Orange County Health Department.