Eke Foods Joins the 2024 "Durmnik" Celebration

Eke Foods Joins the 2024 "Durmnik" Celebration

At Eke Foods, we’ve always believed that food has a magical way of bringing people together, crossing borders, and creating unity. This belief has been at the heart of our journey, and now, we're thrilled to share an exciting chapter with you. Imagine the joy and pride we felt when Chef Ricky Moore of Saltbox Seafood Joint invited us to join the "Durmnik" event for Juneteenth! This isn't just any event— it's a celebration of our vibrant community, showcasing diversity, deliciousness, and togetherness through the culinary creations of some of Durham's finest.

The Significance of Jollof Rice

When I received the invitation to contribute Eke Foods' Jollof Rice to the "Durmnik" box, I knew it was more than just a chance to showcase a beloved dish. Jollof Rice, after all, is not just a meal—it's a symbol of cultural heritage, a cornerstone of countless West African family gatherings. By placing this cherished dish alongside others with different culinary roots, we’re celebrating the rich flavors that make our community unique.

This inclusion of Jollof Rice honors the African roots of Juneteenth, a day of liberation and reflection. It also highlights the beauty of cultural exchange and unity, reminding us that, at the heart of every celebration, there’s always a place for everyone at the table.

A Collaborative Celebration

The sold-out "Durmnik" event is a testament to the power of collaboration. It brings together a diverse group of local chefs and food artisans, each contributing a unique dish to the festive box. From Adrian's refreshing "A Mockery" mocktail to Rhonda's decadent Brown Sugar Vanilla Rum Cake, every item in the box tells a story of heritage, creativity, and community spirit.

For me, being part of this celebration is an honor. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such talented individuals and to contribute to an event that reflects our shared values of community, diversity, and inclusivity. Thank you Chef Ricky Moore!

Collaborations like these remind us of how food can unite us and celebrate our diverse backgrounds. We can’t wait to share our Jollof Rice with you, hoping it brings as much joy to your table as it does to ours.

Thank you for celebrating our community with us. Let’s continue to foster unity through our shared love of delicious food.

Warm regards,

Ada & The Eke Foods Team

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"Durmnik" 2024 Box Contents:

  • Adrian's "A Mockery" – Hibiscus, Cherry & Sage Mocktail, Missy Lane’s Assembly Room
  • Toriano’s Smoked Turkey Collards, Boricua Soul
  • Ricky's "Berbere” Spiced Charcoal Chicken, SALTBOX Seafood Joint
  • Ada’s Smoky Jollof Rice, Eke Foods (see recipe here)
  • Ricky's Trini Style “Soused” NC Shrimp, Cucumber, Corn & Pimentos, SALTBOX Seafood Joint
  • Joe's Mini Dosirak, Korean Lunch Box with Gimbap and Two Kimchi Varieties, Namu
  • Juan’s Summer Succotash Salad, Succotash Southern & Creole Kitchen
  • Sera’s Sweet and Sour Watermelon Salad, The Root Cellar Café & Catering
  • Rhonda's Brown Sugar Vanilla Rum Cake with lightly sweetened strawberries, Chez Moi Bakery
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